Process Model

our process on creating awesome projects

1. Think
2. Do Plan
3. realize
4. Stabilization

Everything starts with imagination in textile sector with the rightest timing. Realization is one jump ahead of imagination. To continue the production with high quality and customer satisfaction are the inevitable keys in the success


Established in 1930

Greige fabric production for ladies outwear

6.000.000 m/year production capacity

Standart fabrics ( marocain - georgette )

Fancy fabrics

Product development based on customer request

Product Groups ; Polyamide , polyester , viscose , silk , cotton , wool , linen and mixture of those yarns

First textile company certified with ISO 9001 in Bursa

Company Profile and History M.F. Yılmazipek Textile
Was established in 1930. The main activity of the company was to produce 100% silk fabrics and this activity lasted until 1995 . However , changing trends in fashion and high production cost of silk compared to far east imitations, forced Yılmazipek to change its production line from silk to fashion items such as polyamide , linen , viscose , wool , polyester... and mixed of those yarns. New mission of Yılmazipek is to produce “ fashion fabrics”. Yılmazipek is aware that it has a big advantage to combine its 70 years experience in textile with the culture of Bursa’s textile knowledge. In fact , Como in Italy , Lyon in France , Barcelona in Spain are known as fashion centers in Europe . Besides of those cities , Bursa is one of the most important textile centers in the world. In spite of very short experience ( 5 years) in fashion textile , Yılmazipek become one of the leading greige fabric producers in Turkey. As Yılmazipek has broad vision and strong principles , company focuses on creativeness , research , connections with key people , technical knowledge , on time and zero defect production . In order to adapt those principles to all departments including finance , production and marketing , company received ISO 9001 certificate in 1997 as a first textile company in Bursa. Yılmazipek has 6.000.000 mtr / year production capacity and sells all of the production in greige form . Company exports 50% of its production to Italy , Germany , France , Spain .....