The principle of environmental
protection of our environment
our customers, our suppliers
our country and the world on foot,


Pastel By Yilmazipek Textile as we are; We that our greatest treasure the environment as the most valuable heritage of living the future quality of life to be able to offer the best protection of the environment, we believe. Therefore, the provisions of the law on national, regional and environment-related regulations from our customers by staying connected,
• When developing Product and process-related projects we produce products to determine in advance the effects of the environment, we’ll minimize waste, prevent pollution at its source we’re going to reduce the negative effects on the environment,
• The principle of environmental protection of our environment, our customers, our suppliers, our country and the world on foot,
• A waste of Today is tomorrow’s deserts are created by the understanding, in the use of raw materials and natural resources that we would avoid unnecessary consumption and preventive measures we take, every year
• Activities in emergency situations that might occur during the environmental risk of harm to the environment by specifying in advance will minimize our measures to plan and implement
• Reducing Waste and minimizing their environmental impact can be converted back to products we use and we’d encourage it, all our stakeholders
The world we live in for all kinds of trials carried out as we’re going to participate in an active way Yilmazipek Textile, we’re going to be present in the cooperation activities we undertake.
We promise ourselves to Textile Yilmazipek environment in order to perform we invest in tomorrow. We do business in the minimization of waste stations collected in separate, get rid of the waste’s fast and we reduce the workload.
Pastel By Yilmazipek Textile contributes to afforestation activities as, for it prefers regions with especially land problem and the people of the region will be selected products return on plantings.
Business in the energy and water saving in our production process, ensuring that we are releasing our machinery and equipment, we’re sensitive technologies production adapted to nature.
We have OEKO-TEX standard 100 certificate and we are proving that we did the sensitive production environment and people. Everything we do in the energy investment renewable energy resources. With our inventory’s clean energy, we reset our carbon footprint.