fillsens is characterized in combining the advantages of natural and synthetic fibers, but eliminates the drawbacks of both. This characteristic allows. The special filament to be used to produce softer luxurious fabrics.


lyocell FILAMENT fillsens download

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Fillsens dökümanını indirin

Fillsens dökümanını indirin

lyocell FILAMENT fillsens

Lyocell has never been that silky before

fillsens is manufactured under close-loop and pollution-free conditions. Atmosphere, land and water pollutions resulting from its manufacturing process are almost negligible. As a natural cellulosic fiber, used fabrics are fully biodegradable.
fillsens fabric is characterized by its distinguished features of touch, drape, color, brightness and low pilling. These excellent features make it more valuable. The Special filament apparel is softer and more comfortable than other conventional cellulosic products.
Cellulosic fibers have long been accepted as the most important fibers for apparel. Problems of low tenacity and heavy pollution from all conventional processes are eliminated by The Special process, fiber could therefore gradually replace conventional cellulosic fibers. With various special properties, The Special fiber will certainly expand its application to other new fields.
The moisture absorption of fillsens is similar to that of natural fiber. It keeps a high wet strength like synthetic fiber , its dry and wet tenacities are respectively double and triple that of conventional cellulosic ic fibers. Very low boiling water shrinkage of yarn produces very high dimension stability of fabrics.
Fillsens lyocell filament yarn. Originating from wood pulp, it is a new environment friendly fiber without manufacturing process pollution. Its lower boiling water shrinkage brings high dimension stability for the fabrics. The strength is high -- wet tenacity is triple that of other conventional cellulose fibers. Being a natural cellulose fiber, used textiles can be fully biodegradable. The textile is comfortable to wear and easy to take care by its outstanding properties of good drapery, good dyeing ability, specific brightness, low pilling and cool-touch. The apparel made of it is softer and more comfortable than other conventional
YILMAZIPEK is innovating: With its new Collection, YILMAZIPEK invites us to see Planet Textile differently. Thanks to a new generation of Lyocell filament yarn,, YILMAZIPEK is opening up a world of new creative opportunities. The Tek-care collection will contain a new generation of fabrics made with the fillsens fiber. Born from Lyocell this fiber offer all the advantages of a natural fiber. Produced from plants, mainly eucalyptus, it is recyclable and biodegradable, requires minimal water and is environmentally friendly. Cutting-edge technical research has made it possible to transform Lyocell thread into continuous filaments. fillsens fiber is quite a surprise: luxurious and high quality, it combines an unexpected silky, soft texture with a cool, firm handfeel plus exceptional hold and drape. The colours it produces are subtle and delicate.